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United States Pole Dance Champion 2012
Pole Art 2012 Featured Soloist
Pole Art 2011 Finalist
Pole Dance Universe 2011 Champion
United States Pole Dance Amateur Division Champion 2011
Pole Fitness Association’s Polarity Competition Drama Division Winner 2010
Pole Art featured performer (August 2012, Stockholm, Sweden)
Pole Art 2011 finalist (4th place) and AERA performer (October, 2011 Helsinki, Finland)

Latest From Blog

  • By popular demand, here is my pole class playlist

    One of the most common questions I get on tour is “What was that one song you played in the warm-up? or “Will you post your playlist?” So, here it is! Sweet Disposition, The Temper Trap Tribal Drums, Tricky (also used for “floorWERK” workshop routine) I Wanna Love you Girl, Robin Thicke Do it Again, [...]

  • My thoughts for Pole Art 2013

    Pole Art is an extraordinary competition — the quality of the organizing, planning, communication, stage, lights, music, video, livestreaming, competitors, performers, and the design of the collateral and the entire event stands above all other competitions. In my opinion. I participated as a competitor in 2011 — I was so disappointed in my performance. But [...]

  • Lash extensions: Review

    Looooong time no blog! It’s been YEARS! So I thought I’d resurrect it with a very important topic…. EYELASHES! A few weeks ago I posted on facebook “Does anyone in NYC recommend a good lash extension salon?” I got recommendations for salons as well as recommendations not to do it — My eyes will be [...]

  • USPDF PRO 2012- Freestyle

  • Michelle’s travels and workshops 2012

    Here is a snippet of my upcoming travels and workshops. I hope to see YOU there…..! January 27: Rome: Vertical Dolls 9:00-10:30 p.m. ”Signature Tricks and choreography” Available for private lessons January 28-29: Rome: X-Pert training at Vertical Dolls. January 31-February 2: Paris: Workshop at Pole & Dance TBA soon! February 4-5: Sweden: X-Pert training at Dinali [...]

  • Pole Dance Universe winner announcement and freestyle

  • My warm-up & choreography playlists

    After I teach workshops, I always get emails asking about the songs I played in class, particularly during the warm-up. So, here they are, including brief annotations of the warm-up moves. Download away! Warm up: Put it in a Love Song. Alicia Keys. [big, full body, fun, sassy dance movement to elevate heart rate and [...]

  • Thank you Pole Art! Off to the UK…

    Wow. Pole Art was an amazing experience! I came in 4th (whaaat?!) in the competition and the AERA “Dance of the Dolls” finale to the show was so much fun. I loved being able to meet my pole idols from all over the world and spend quality time with my AERA family. After Pole Art [...]

  • Adventures of a pole dancer: Costume. Passport. Dry Hands. check!

    Welcome to my first blog post on my new website! I once had a blog about my adventures in Stockholm, where I lived for about 4 months last year: Just fyi. Now I am returning to Scandinavia for a new pole adventure: Pole Art. I happened to be in Stockholm at Pole Art 2010 and [...]

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