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Adventures of a pole dancer: Costume. Passport. Dry Hands. check!

Welcome to my first blog post on my new website! I once had a blog about my adventures in Stockholm, where I lived for about 4 months last year: Just fyi.

Now I am returning to Scandinavia for a new pole adventure: Pole Art. I happened to be in Stockholm at Pole Art 2010 and was blown away by the talent, skill level, creativity, passion and not to mention wonderful production quality. And this year I am IN IT! This is the most intimidating competition I have ever entered. My pole idols will share the stage with me and I am so honored and a lil freaked out! Not only am I competing (I am thinking of it as performing!) I get to be in the final performance of the whole show with AERA, the aerial dance company created by my girl Kyra Johannessen, Jen James, Kyle McBeth and Ya-Roo Yang. The piece is choreographed by Jen and Kyra and I LOVE IT!

Thank you to my home studio in New York City, Body & Pole for helping me get here.

I am traveling alone. I am at Newark airport now and I cannot wait to get to Helsinki to see my friends and get it started!

After Pole Art I have workshops in:

October 23: Pole Art workshops in Helsinki, Finland

October 29: Stacey Pole Party, UK

October 30: X-Pole Photo Shoot, UK

October 31 – November  1: Pole Dance Bologna, Italy

November 2 – 4 : Funky Goddess Dance Studio, Tel Aviv, Israel

November 5 – 6: Crunch Training, UK

November 8: Stacey Pole,  Herts, UK

November 10: Love Spin, Wales, UK

November 13 : Colchester Pink Ladies, UK

November 14: Pole Dance Vienna, Austria

November 16: Back in NYC

November 18-19: Awakenings Pole Dance Studio, Philadelphia 

EMAIL: for any more info on the Europe workshops.

I sometimes still cannot believe this is my life. I hope to enjoy every moment of this journey—on the stage, backstage, in the airports, in the hotel, on the bus, in a new city—and meet more and more wonderful people in this extraordinary pole world. I just need to keep breathing and reminding myself of that when I am actually on the stage at Pole Art…((((breathe))))





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